by Jerry Watts

A Word of Caution
Jerry Watts
Colossians 2:13-23

Take a look on the screen (symbols of caution). All of us are familiar with the signs and symbols of caution. Caution means be careful because you can get hurt. Sometimes that hurt can be dangerous and deadly.

As Paul looked thought about and wrote to the church at Colossae he recognized some of the outside influences which were beginning to cast a theological shadow over these brothers and sisters and he was, rightly, concerned. The word of caution is this: philosophies of this world continually try to compromise the theologies of God's people. You see the world will not dare tell Christ-followers that what 'we believe' is not true, rather they will suggest that it is not complete or needs to be amended or added to. Most of the time this is done in subtle ways so the change in belief is so slight that, unless you're watching closely, you won't realize it.

So how do we be cautious and overcome the temptation to compromise?

Your Perspective - Perspective always colors our attitude and action. For instance, take our cell phone or land lines with caller ID. Many people use the caller ID to screen their calls because of their perspective of what that conversation might be about (I.E. Marketing, contest, or someone who you don't want to speak with)…point is, that our perspective literally controls our life. How we perceive things plays into how we speak, respond, and more. This is sometime driven by our past. How the telemarketer speaks to us, how the person on the other end spoke last time, etc. This word of caution offered by Paul should be seen by each of us through our relationship to God.

The Plan of God - God's plan is to find us when we are dead in our sins and make us alive in Him. This mean He knows where we are, see where we are, and offers us what we need to come to Him.

God's plan is to revive us to life and restore us into a right relationship with Him which, by the way, secures for us a h ...

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