by Zach Terry

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How Do We View Unrepentant Sin? (1 of 8)
Series: 1 Corinthians
Zach Terry
1 Corinthians 5

We are beginning fairly rapid study of this book on First Corinthians. We went slowly through the book on Sunday Nights a few years ago. This time we are going to jet through it. Both paces are beneficial - remember this was a letter meant to be read in one sitting. We are going to spend eight weeks in the letter this time.

APOSTLE - The Letter is written by the Apostle Paul. The office of Apostle was the highest rank any human can hold in the Church. Keep in mind if the President of the Southern Baptist Convention walked into our gathering this morning - he would simply be a visitor. But if Paul walked in - he would be the boss. He could pull rank in any department, he would stand in the pulpit. If he wanted us to change something, he had the right and rank to command us to change.

Paul had planted this Church during his 2nd Missionary Journey.

CORINTH: Paul had just completed his ministry in Athens a city known for it's ACADEMIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS. From there he traveled to Corinth a city known for it's SENSUAL PERVERSIONS.

First Century Corinth was the Las Vegas of it's day. It was sin city. What happens in Corinth stays in Corinth. It was a port city. In ancient times all sea traffic to and from Athens had to pass through the city of Corinth.

High above the city was an acropolis that had a commanding view of the gulf of Corinth. The acroCorinth as it was called was a place both for defense of the city as well as pagan worship. It was large enough to hold all of the citizens of the city in a time of siege. It also held a famous temple to Aphrodite, goddess of love.

The temple normally housed some one thousand priestesses, ritual prostitutes, who each night would come down into Corinth and ply their trade among the many foreign travelers and the local men - which explains why, ''To Corinthianize'' was synonymous with a sexually loose and drunken l ...

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