by Zach Terry

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The Check Has Cleared, The Cash Is There, The Sting Is Gone (7 of 8)
Series: 1 Corinthians
Zach Terry
1 Corinthians 15

CONTEXT: Of all of the weapons in Satan's arsenal none are fearsome as a theological rumor. It's a seed of a thought planted at random, perhaps it's overheard, yet is sinks into the subconscious and wreaks havoc on the soul of a man.

One such rumor had been sowed in church of Corinth. There was a nasty rumor spread that said, ''There is no resurrection''. Can you imagine that rumor radically shaking your life? Probably not. Because we are victims of an Evangelical culture that has converted the awesome Gospel of Christ into a simple pill that you swallow and forget about. It was very different in the first century. The Gospel was not a pill you swallowed, it was the AIR you breath, the FOOD you ate and the WATER you drank. The GOSPEL was LIFE, it was EVERYTHING.

Once the resurrection was removed from gospel what remained could be described as the STING. That is, all of the negative, paralyzing aspects that surround the haunting specter of death.

The Sting of Death consisted in 3 things:

Fear of Death - You see if there is no resurrection Death is coming.
Death will steal from you all that you own.
Death will kidnap your family and separate you from them.
Death will devastate every fiber of your body. It will do it through words like cancer, pneumonia, stroke, aneurism you will die whether quickly or slowly you will die. And death will toy with you for decades before it pounces.
Death visit the rich, the poor, the strong the weak. Strong young men die, and occasionally children have to drop their toys to wrestle with the strong arm of death.

ILLUSTRATION; A story is told of a Bagdad merchant who sent his servant to the market to pick up some goods for him. While the servant was making the purchases in the market place he found himself face to face with the Angel of Death! In great fear he returned to his master an ...

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