by Ernest Easley

Spiritual Awakening Is Within Our Reach
Ernest L. Easley
Deuteronomy 27-32

Now as you are turning with me to Deuteronomy 27, you need to know today that spiritual awakening is within our reach! Spiritual awakening is possible! God longs to send spiritual awakening to us and is waiting for our next move.

We are again confronted with those two personal questions that need answering:

When was the last great movement of God in your life?
When was the last great movement of God in our church?

The greatest need of our church is a need, as your Pastor, that I cannot meet.
I can provide leadership and lead.
I can produce messages and preach them.
But I cannot put into your heart a passion for holiness.
I cannot put into your heart to delight in holy things and detest unholy things.
I cannot put into your heart a desire to live godly in Christ Jesus.
I cannot put into your heart a burden for the lost.
I cannot put into your heart a spirit of generosity: only the Spirit of God can put these things into your heart. Our greatest need can only be met by God and that is to send a spiritual awakening into our lives.
Spiritual awakening is within our reach!

We've seen what the church can do; it's time now to see what God can do! He can do more in a moment more than we can do in a lifetime!

We talk about the need for spiritual awakening in America and indeed our nation needs one! But isn't it easier to say, ''Our nation needs a spiritual awakening,'' than it is to say, ''I need a spiritual awakening. I need a fresh touch of God upon my life.''

The tragedy is that too many of us are content to live without it. Spiritual awakening will interrupt our lifestyles, our priorities and plans.
*It will mean prioritizing worship on Sundays.
*It will mean getting back into God's Word.
*It will mean investing again into the work of God.
*It will mean reaching out to those without Christ.
*It will mean changing what you read and watch.
*It will mean se ...

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