by Jeff Strite

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At the Gate (1 of 7)
Series: Old Time Tent Revival
Jeff Strite
Exodus 27:9-19

OPEN: There are all kinds of doors in this world.
There are doors on this church building.
Doors at the entrance to the Mall.
There are garage doors, house doors, bathroom doors, closet doors.
There are wooden doors, glass doors, plastic doors there are hollow as well as solid doors.
Some doors are massive, some are small - but every door has one purpose:

-Close-off an entrance
-Block an opening
-Keep people out

It may not be a very strong or imposing door, but when you see one you realize - only those who have a right to enter will be allowed beyond that opening. Everyone else is a trespasser.
They don't belong.

ILLUS: Now I have a door to my house… not everybody gets to go thru that door. You might ask ''what kind of person wouldn't you allow in?''
Well, here's the test: You come to my door knock - if I don't let you in - it's you!

But in reality all of you would be welcome…
Diana's relatives, my relatives, my kids' friends - all those can usually get in. But there's just some folks that will never get in the door.

APPLY: Here in Exodus 27, we're introduced to a different kind of door.
It's the gate that barred the way into the Tabernacle of God.

(Tabernacle Court Picture #1 here)
As you'll notice here, the Tabernacle was a tent-like structure that sat inside a large courtyard. This was the worship center for the people of Israel for the next 647 years. It was replaced - in the days of King Solomon - with a wondrous Temple.
But for 647 years, God's people worshipped at a tent. That's 3 times longer than our nation has been in existence.

But this wasn't just any old tent.
This was a tent designed by God for a very specific purpose.
In Exodus 25:9 God tells Moses
''Make this tabernacle all its furnishings EXACTLY like the pattern I will show you.''

This tent was not a human invention, it was a divine sanctuary.
It was built FOR God's peop ...

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