by Jeff Strite

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The Secret of the Hidden Room (7 of 7)
Series: Old Time Tent Revival
Jeff Strite
Exodus 25:1-22

OPEN: A black Methodist preacher, was sent to a formerly all white church in Cincinnati, Ohio. His daughter, Leontine Kelly remembered it was the most magnificent church she had ever seen.

-It was a Gothic structure with beautiful polished wood.
-It had a beautiful crystal chandelier.
-Presidents had worshipped there and a President had even been married in the sanctuary.
-And the parsonage was so large that every one of the children could have their own room.

She said that under the parsonage was a huge cellar. She didn't go down there except once or twice with her father because it was just a dingy, dark place with a couple of dim light bulbs hanging from long wires, and there were cobwebs and shadows.
Once, her brothers were in the cellar and called her to come down. They had found a hole beside the furnace leading to a tunnel and they wanted her to go in with them and explore it. Instead, she went up the stair to her father asking him to go down and ''get those guys.''
Her father went downstairs, and she noticed that he was quite excited. Instead of scolding the boys, he said, ''Let's go over to the church and check.'' They went over to the church building and found that beside the furnace there were some old boards. As they removed them, they discovered another hole with other tunnels. They explored those tunnels and that night around the dinner table at the parsonage in Cincinnati, 5 blocks from the Ohio River she heard her father tell the story of the Underground Railroad.
It was a network for helping slaves to escape to freedom. The slaves were hunted and would have been brutally punished if caught. It was against the law to help them. The Underground Railroad helped slaves get to their freedom in Canada.
She heard her father say, ''Children, I want you to remember this day as long as you live, for today we have found a station in the Un ...

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