by Jerry Watts

The Answer For This Culture
Jerry Watts
Colossians 1:24-29

The last two weeks have been disastrous for the New Orleans Saints. They played the Atlanta Falcons and the Cleveland Browns, giving an effort to win (some might say a good or gallant effort) but lost both games in the final seconds, both weeks, with a field goal. Through some of my reading, I began to meditate on their fate and see it through spiritual eyes. Think about it: The Saints fielded a team for the entirety of the game, gave an effort (arguable not their best), and in the end lost to an opponent who, by all opinions, were inferior. But they did not put in place those things necessary to walk away in victory. They were in the lead until the last second, but…

Every person in this building is going to play the game of life until either you close your eyes in death or Jesus returns. Every local church (including this one) is going to be a part of the life process until they close their doors in death or Jesus returns. However, cultures are a different matter. Cultures can be changed, most of the times ARE changing, and sometimes they die.

To look around with an objective eye is to see, I believe, that this culture is faltering, failing, and in a word dying. It is easy to get misty-eyed when I look at my 8-year old grand-daughter and get chills as I consider what this culture might become before she graduates from High School. Candidly, if we (this culture) continue on the same trajectory that we have been on for about 40 years, if we do not alter our course, I wonder if she might not have the opportunity to graduate because America, as we know it, might be destroyed. Many will say, ''Preacher, you're overreacting.'' Really? Let me take a few minutes to argue this case. Have you taken a fresh look at our culture? In the past few weeks one of our servicemen was denied access into his daughter's school because he was wearing his fatigues, an 11 year old told not to wear 9/11 t-shirt, and a 1 ...

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