by Steve Jones

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What is a Simple Church? (1 of 4)
Series: Simple Church
Steve Jones
Matthew 28:19-20

INTRODUCTION: I am a simple guy. My motto is K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple Steve. I love things that are simple and I struggle with the complex. Now my wife is a great cook and that is no lie. She has recipe books; big, fat books full of recipes. And out of these books she follows these recipes and creates these wonderful dishes that I get to eat. She's so talented she even has the ability to depart from the recipe to add a little of this and subtract a little of that. The results are scrumptious. Often I'll say something like, ''This is great. What's in it?'' And she'll say, ''Oh, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, onion, pork, beef, and chicken which I sautéed and pureed and sliced and diced and marinated and baked slowly over a low heat then broiled quickly over high heat it took about 20 minutes - you could do that!'' She lost me at ''parsley''. Now sometimes my wife goes away on her little trips and she's not home to cook for me so here is how that works. Number one, I try to farm myself out for dinners on my children and their spouses and on my friends in the church whom I know to be good cooks. But when I have to cook for myself I always cook the same thing and I only need one utensil - my trusty steamer. I fill it with water. Whatever food I want to eat I put it in the bowl (usually onions, potatoes, a bag of veggies and kielbasa sausage.) I turn this little dial to 22 minutes. When it ''dings'' 22 minutes later, it's done and I eat it. If I have to I will eat that meal every day for two weeks because I am a simple guy. KISS. And by the time that dial rings today, I'll be done with this very simple message and you will have digested it to the point that you could regurgitate it if necessary, pardon the unfortunate analogy.

My message today is simple: ''We need to be a Simple Church.'' In today's message I'm going to answer two questions: 1) What is a simple church? and, ...

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