by Steve Jones

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Love God (2 of 4)
Series: Simple Church
Steve Jones
Acts 2:42

Introduction: Anyone here familiar with the ''Five Guys Hamburger Restaurants'' (Show Pic)? Five guys have been pretty successful and I'm sure there are a number of reasons contributing to that success. For instance, they make good hamburgers, they're reasonably priced and they have excellent customer service. But one reason for their success that I would point to this morning is simplicity. What do they offer on their menu? They offer hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and not much else. By simplifying their menu they are able to do a few things very well.

Simple is in, complexity is out. Ironically people are hungry for simple because the world has become much more complex. And in the midst of complexity, people want to find simplicity.

Papa John's knows this (Show pic). Papa John's makes great pizza. According to the founder, John Schnatter, the secret to the company's success has been its simplicity. Look at this statement found on their Web site: ''At Papa John's we have a simple formula for success: Focus on one thing and try to do it better than anyone else. By keeping the Papa John's menu simple, we are able to focus on the quality of our product by using only superior-quality ingredients.'' People have embraced the simple menu and the simple philosophy. What began as one store just over twenty years ago has mushroomed into the third largest pizza franchise in the United States. (I better stop talking about food/restaurants as my examples. I can see you salivating like Pavlov's dog!)

Apple knows this (Show pic). They are pioneers of simple. Pick up an iPod and find one big button. Connect it to your Apple desktop and music automatically downloads. They're all about ''plug and play.''

Google knows this (show pic). Google is one of the fastest-growing companies in American history. It has made sophisticated technology behind Internet searching simple and speedy to users. People love ...

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