by Jeff Strite

The Worthwhile Life
Jeff Strite
John 4:4-38

OPEN: ''We rarely use the word 'cure,''' said the psychiatrist to his patient. ''But after 5 years of therapy it is my pleasure to pronounce you completely cured.'' To his surprise an unhappy look came over the woman's face. ''What's wrong?'' he asked. ''I thought you'd be thrilled.''
''Oh, it's fine for you,'' she said, ''but 3 years ago I was Joan of Arc. Now I'm nobody.''

APPLY: Yes, that was a joke, but what that person was saying was: ''I'm not important, I'm not significant - it doesn't matter who I am because I have no value.'' Like the woman at the well, they see their lives as of no importance whatsoever.

I believe that deep down inside each of us wants to be significant, wants to make difference.

Tony Campolo wrote: There is a latent desire in every human being to do something of worth that will have lasting significance. There is a longing in most people to do something that will make life better for others.

According to one Spanish philosopher ''There is an urge in every man to render himself indispensable.

ILLUS: Several years ago, a study was taken of fifty people over the age of 95 were asked to respond to one question: ''If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently…

Three answers constantly emerged and dominated the results of the study.

1. I would reflect more
2. I would risk more
3. I would do more things that would live on after I am dead.

Why were those answers so dominant? Because those who were surveyed wanted to believe that it mattered that they had lived. That they had made a difference.

To one degree or another, we all want to believe that it matters that we have lived and that we have made a difference.

I. God says we can.
Ephesians 2:10 declares: ''We are His workmanship, created Christ Jesus for good works that He prepared in advance for us to do.''

This tells me two things
1. You and I have a distinctive task designed for e ...

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