by Jerry Watts

Looking In The Right Place
Jerry Watts
Colossians 1:15-23

Late one night a police officer approach an obviously inebriated man walking 'round and round' a street light. The officer asked the man, ''You looking for something?'' In that all too familiar drunken drawl the man responded, ''Yes sir, officer, I'm looking for my wallet.'' ''Oh, did you lose your wallet around here?'' as the officer. Very quickly the man replied, ''No sir, I lost my wallet somewhere around that corner.'' Confused the policeman asked, ''So if you lost your wallet around the corner why are you looking here?'' With calm assurance the man replied, ''There's 'more light' over here.'' For people who don't get it: You must look in the right place to find!

From time to time when my group plays golf, someone will hit the ball out of the fairway where occasionally, it will find the woods. To find a ball in the woods, you must look in the right place.

In fact, I would say that if you find ANYTHING - you must look in the right place. Back in 1980, Johnny Lee sang about ''Looking for love in all the wrong places.'' Today people still look for love and life - but many, if not most, look in the wrong places. We try to build lives like the foolish man, of Matthew 7, on the shifting and sinking sand of this world. And when the storms comes, we wonder why we are washed away.

To think of 'looking' is to be reminded of the story in the book of Numbers when God sent, as judgment as well as restoration, the snakes into the camp of the Hebrews. When you were bitten, you died - UNTIL a cure was hoisted up on a pole. (PIC) The people were told to simply 'look at it' - when they did, healing came. However, even with the cure in plain sight, not everyone looked. Some looked at the snakes, some looked at the leaders, and other probably looked at each other wondering why life was this bad. But to those who looked for and to the answer, healing came.

Our text todays implores to look in the right place ...

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