by Joe Alain

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God Sightings (2 of 5)
Series: Events In The Life Of Moses
Joe Alain
Exodus 3:1-15

The second in a series of five sermons based on events in the life of Moses from the book of Exodus.

Outline (Lessons from the Text):
1. God still speaks and acts, are we looking and listening?
2. We are always in God's presence, are we desiring to live holy?
3. The proper response to God's call is humility and obedience.
4. We are Christ's ambassadors empowered by His authority.

Several years ago we began encouraging children during our annual Vacation Bible School to look for what are called, ''God Sightings.'' These can be very simple things such as a child's thought to be thankful for his or her food or family or it could something more dramatic such as the change that is brought about by God in a person's life when they turn to Him. There are ''God Sightings'' all around us because this is God's world and even though he created everything in seven days, he's still working (Jn. 5:17)!

We might describe what happened in Exodus 3 as a ''God Sighting'' in the life of Moses when Moses saw the burning bush and heard God's call to him to bring God's ''people the Israelites out of Egypt'' (v.19). In the previous chapter in the last verse (2:25) we have the summary statement that ''God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them'' (2:15). Now in chapter 3 God's concern and plan will be put into action. Moses will be the tangible expression of God's concern, God's care for his people will be put into shoe leather.

Hearing from God on the Far Side of Life
Before God's call there is always the preparation of God's servant. And so we find Moses still in his desert training tending Jethro's flock on the ''far side of the desert'' as far as ''Horeb, the mountain of God'' (v.1). Apparently, Moses has contented himself with his new home in Midian being among Jethro's household, and raising a family with Zipporah. God often speaks to us in the desert places ...

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