by Joe Alain

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God's Answers To Our Excuses (3 of 5)
Series: Events In The Life Of Moses
Joe Alain
Exodus 4:1-13

The third in a series of five sermon based on events in the life of Moses from the book of Exodus.

Overview of Moses' Excuses
1. The ''What if I Fail'' Excuse (4:1).
2. The ''I'm Not Qualified'' Excuse (4:2).
3. The ''I'm Not a Preacher'' Excuse (4:10).
4. The ''It's Someone Else's Job'' Excuse (4:13).

As fallen human beings, we sometimes make excuses to get out of certain obligations or responsibilities or to justify ourselves. So we might say, ''I'm late for work because of the traffic'' when maybe the traffic was no worse today than any other day, we just didn't account for it. Or we say, ''I just don't really have the time to call this person,'' when we really just don't want to call that person. We can all probably recall times when we said, ''I just don't have time for . . .'' Or, ''I'm too busy'' or ''I don't think I'm able to do . . .'' Or, ''I can't afford to . . .'' and on and on we go.

When we make excuses we believe that we're personally benefitting from them, but excuses often stifle us, they perpetuate stagnation, they stunt our growth, and they keep us from moving forward by faith with God. We can even excuse ourselves right out of God's will for our life. That's the dangerous condition we find Moses in in Exodus chapter four.

Previously (3:16-22) God had given Moses specific instructions to go to the leaders of Israel first, then to make his case before Pharaoh. But God tells Moses up front that Pharaoh is going to need some convincing which the Lord will do by stretching out his hand against the Egyptians (3:19-20). And even though God will deliver his people and ''make the Egyptians favorably disposed'' towards the Israelites so that they will leave Egypt in prosperity, Moses begins to make a series of excuses why he's not the right person for the job. But God has an answer for every one of Moses' excuses.

And just as ...

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