by Joe Alain

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A God You Can Trust In (4 of 5)
Series: Events In The Life Of Moses
Joe Alain
Exodus 16:1-12

The fourth sermon in a series of five sermons based on events in the life of Moses.

Key Lessons:
1. Grumbling is a spiritual problem that reveals a lack of trust in God.
2. We are to trust God for our daily needs.
3. Observing the principle of the Sabbath demonstrates our trust in the Lord to provide for us.

16:1-3, The people grumble about their circumstances
The people of Israel are having an ''Are we there yet?'' moment. They have now been journeying in the wilderness for about 45 days since they came out of Egypt. Like kids in the backseat getting restless and hungry, the Israelites began to grumble against Moses and Aaron (v.2). ''Moses, where are you taking us?'' ''We want to turn around and go back home.'' ''We had plenty to eat back in Egypt, we had our full of choice meats, but you have taken us out here in the desert to starve.'' Things sure seemed much rosier back in Egypt, but of course this was all fiction. They didn't do much ''sitting'' in Egypt and they only had all that they wanted in their dreams. Remember, they were slaves. But even slavery sounds good now compared to starvation. You would think from their description that life back in Egypt had been a vacation on the Mediterranean.

Their complaining and grumbling showed their ingratitude to God who had saved them from out of Egypt. After all God had done for them their words must have grieved Him, must have disappointed Him. God knows what it's like to not be appreciated. He knows what it's like to help someone who then forgets all about the help received. He knows what it is like to give away pearls and then have someone grind them into the dust. He knows what it is like to love and not have that love returned.

Sometimes, we too are like that with God. After all God has done for us, we still grumble and complain. We forget what He's done, who we are and more importantly, wher ...

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