by Stephen Whitney

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Uzziah: Pride Punished (18 of 18)
Series: Lessons from the lives of OT Characters
Stephen Whitney
2 Chronicles 26:16-21

We detest pride when we see it in someone else, but we seldom notice it in ourselves. Pride is the sin of feeling superiority. It is thinking that I am better than other people.

Luke 18:11 The Pharisee, standing by himself, prayed thus: 'God, I thank you that I am not like other men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers or even like this tax collector.'

Pride is putting self in the place of God as the center of your life.

In the Middle Ages ''pride'' was listed as one of the seven deadly sins because it is the source which leads to other sins. William Barclay wrote, ''Pride is the ground in which all other sins grow.'' Pride results in other sins such as: bigotry, greed or selfishness.

Pride is an attitude which is reflected in our actions:

1. I believe I am are better than other people so the rules that apply to everyone else do not mean they apply to me.

2. I treat other people as insignificant or unimportant.

3. I ignore the law of God because I think I am above it.


Personal reign :1-5 Uzziah's name means ''Yahweh is my strength.'' He became king when he was 16 years old in place of his father because he picked a fight with the king of Israel which had lead to a humiliating defeat.

He reigned for 52 years, only Manassseh who reigned for 55 years reigned longer then he did. Of the 22 kings who reigned in Judah after the nation divided, he was one of only six kings who walked with God and therefore was successful.

:5 As long as he sought guidance to lead the nation from the Lord, God caused him to be successful in everything that he undertook.

Military success :6-8 He defeated the Philistine cities along the Mediterranean coast and the Ammonites who lived on the east side of the Jordan river. In other words he controlled all of the area around Judah.

Fortified Jerusalem :9 He built w ...

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