by Stephen Whitney

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Gehazi: Cost Of Greed (16 of 18)
Series: Lessons from the lives of OT Characters
Stephen Whitney
2 Kings 5:20-27

A newspaper in Dallas, Texas reported that merchandise which was earmarked for the needy was systematically siphoned from a Salvation Army Thrift Store and sold for profit or given to associates of the director. The article also when on to say that Major Lariron White, an ordained Salvation Army minister, took possession of a $7,150 fishing boat, a $4,000 car and a $660 motorcycle that had been donated to the Salvation Army store. As a result of the story the Salvation Army suspended him.

Major White had used his position to take what did not belong to him. As he saw donated things come into the store he was tempted to take some of the things for himself and he was able to take them because he was in the position to do so. His greed for things caused him to misuse his position to take what he wanted.

Chuck Swindoll wrote, ''Greed hides itself behind excessive and inordinate desires for the good things of life, often because of another's achievement.'' We want what someone else has.

Greed can express itself in four common ways in our lives:

1. Money is the most familiar which is a desire for more than we have. It often comes at the expense of relationships and integrity.

2. Possessions are the desire for better or more things than I have. I am willing to go into debt to get what I want to enjoy life now.

3. Fame is the desire for attention to be known or recognized. It could be posting lots of personal information on facebook.

4. Pleasure is satisfying my personal desires above everything else. This can be the natural result of living in an affluent society.

Greed whispers in our ear that we would be happier if we had more money or more things or more fame or enjoyed life more. Luke 12:15 Jesus said, ''Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of is possessi ...

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