by Stephen Whitney

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Rehoboam: Reckless Phony (14 of 18)
Series: Lessons from the Lives of OT Characters
Stephen Whitney
2 Chronicles 12:1-14

One of the first crimes attributed to the militant, white supremacist group called ''The Order'' took place on December 20, 1983 when a bandit robbed a bank in Seattle of $25,956. As he locked the employees in the bank vault he wished them a ''Merry Christmas.''

What a phony statement because when you wish someone Merry Christmas you are expressing the hope that they enjoy the holiday. A phony is someone who is not genuine; they are always play-acting because they are insincere. They may pretend to be something, but in reality they are not what they seem to be.

Synonyms for the word phony are: artificial, bogus, counterfeit, fake, imitation and sham. The Bible uses the word hypocrite of someone who puts on a public show of faith for others, but personally they don't believe in God or obey him.

We are a phony when we pretend to be something we are not. 1. We believe something is right, but we don't stand up for it. 2. We believe something is wrong, but we go along with it. 3. We do something just to go along, but don't support it. 4. We say something just to be politically correct and not offend.


Apostasy :1 During the first three years of his reign Rehoboam kept the law of God as he built up his kingdom. One of the things he did was to fortify 15 cities in Judah (11:5-11) so that his kingdom would be protected to the south from an invasion by Egypt.

In his fourth year when he thought that he was now safe and secure from the Egyptians attacking him he gave up following the law of God and began to worship pagan gods like the other nations. II Kings 14:23 They built for themselves high places and pillars and Asherim on every high hill and ender every green tree. John Gill wrote, ''They set up idols, and temples for idols, among groves of trees as was the custom of the heathens.''

This was a direct v ...

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