by Jerry Watts

The Gospel of Jesus
Jerry Watts
Colossians 1:1-14

Jesus came to earth to bring us the ''Gospel of the Kingdom.'' Since the word 'gospel' means 'good news', it is safe to say that Jesus came to earth to bring us the 'good news about the Kingdom of heaven.'' It might be better to say that ''Jesus came to be the good news.''

His words echo throughout the centuries and through our minds, ''I am the way, the truth, and the life'' and John's gospel says, ''In Him was Life.'' What a statement and confirmation. Jesus goes on to say, ''I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly or 'to the fullest.' Jesus brings us life because Jesus IS life.

However, this truth is being challenged today. Some say that Jesus is 'a life' or 'a way', but He is not the only way or the only life and certainly NOT the only way to God; He is just one of the ways.

Dr. Jerry Vines rightly points out two words which we, as Christ-followers, need to get our minds around. They are 'pluralism' and 'syncretism.' In the secular sense, pluralism is a good word as it means there should be diversity in our land. In other words, there is room for everyone. However, when applies to spiritual things, pluralism gets a little troublesome as it leads us down the ''It does not matter what you believe as long as you are sincere.'' This attitude, which I am sad to say seems to be creeping into the church, says that all belief systems are on equal footing. Just for the record, if you have an inkling about this, you should know, this is an affront to Jehovah God, the Bible, Jesus, and the gospel. To put it in a single word, it is heresy! Pluralism.

In Spiritual terms, the word syncretism would be a fun word, if it weren't so opposite of the teachings of God's word. This word means that 'you can make up your own religion.' You can take a little from this one, a little from that one, until you have a belief system that you like.

Once again, to Jehovah God, this is heresy. Now, ...

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