by Jerry Watts

Five Foundational Facts For The Future
Jerry Watts
Matthew 7:13-14, 21-23

Week before last, while we were on vacation, I was able to do a great deal of reading, studying, and praying. Yes, we did have fun and do other things, but one of my goals was to hear from God. Some of my reading included ''Autopsy of a Deceased Church'' (Rainer), ''Why Churches Die'' (Brunson and Caner), ''Victory in Spiritual Warfare'' (Evans), as well as browsing others. Additionally, I read 1 Thessalonians 3 or 4 times and Colossians a time or two. I did all of this, not just for personal gain, but to hear from God about the messages for the days ahead.

When God called me to preach in 1990, I already had several 'preacher heroes.' One such hero was the pastor of FBC, Houston, TX; his name was (and is) John Bisagno. Having listened to him over the course of 15 years, I never heard him hit a 'foul ball' in the pulpit as all his messages seemed to be anointed by God and speaking great truth into my heart. After hearing God's voice to preach, I began to listen regularly to the ''Baptist Hour'' where Bro. John was preaching. One of his sermons so stuck with me that, when in January 1992, I found myself sitting in Bro. John's office enjoying about 30 minutes of just him and me talking - I mentioned that message and told him that I wanted to take those truths and develop a message from me. I'll never forget that big smile when he said something like, ''Take'em, make'em better, and use them, because they are God's word.''

Back in November 2006 I preached these truths here. Candidly, I believe that two weeks ago God pointed me back to these facts, principles, truths, and gave me some fresh thoughts for us. (TEXT)

Other times I have preached this message, I followed with Bro. John's titles, either ''Five Fearful Facts from the Bible'' or ''The Plight of the Religious Lost.'' However, I am deeply convicted that what is needed today is a FOUNDATION which will not crack nor crumble under ...

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