by Ernest Easley

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Offerings, Opportunities and Opposition - Pt. I (39 of 40)
Series: Living Under Kingdom Authority
Ernest L. Easley
1 Corinthians 16

How many of you brought your Bibles to worship with you today? Lets see them.

How many of you brought your Bibles with you on your smartphone? Let's see them. Well, either way: what you have before you is the written word of God!

Don't think for a second that suddenly God began speaking in a book and when the book was completed that God stopped talking. It's not that God merely spoke, God speaks! God is still speaking to us through His word!

You say, ''Ernest, I wish God would speak to me.'' Get into His word and He will speak to you! The Old Testament Prophets would often say, ''Thus says the Lord.'' Yes, God spoke! But God speaks!

Here's the point: every time you open God's word, expect to hear from God. We need to be like Samuel who said, ''Speak Lord, for your servant hears'' (1 Sam 3.9). I'm afraid that much of the time we come before God saying, ''Listen Lord, your servant speaks.'' You can know that every time you open God's word that God is speaking.

Well, let's see what God is saying to us today as we conclude our study of 1 Corinthians. What an incredible study we have had together through 1 Corinthians learning about living under kingdom authority. We've learned how God has given us ''authority over all the power of our enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt us.''

How in Christ we are now ''more than conquerors,'' giving us a superior position over the things of the world. And for us to have that kind of authority, we must first be under authority. Do you remember that principle: you must first be under before you can be over. Being under authority is what gives you authority. And too much of the time we are forfeiting our God-given authority over our enemy because we refuse to live under the authority of God!

The greatest thing you can do each day is to get under the authority of God, for b ...

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