by Ernest Easley

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How to Live A Stable Life in an Unstable World (38 of 40)
Series: Living Under Kingdom Authority
Ernest L. Easley
1 Corinthians 15:50-58

August has been a shaky month! According to the US Geological Survey, we have had 1194 measurable earthquakes, THIS MONTH! There were 53 earthquakes, ON MONDAY, including the magnitude 6 earthquake that hit Napa Valley, not to mention the over 100 after shocks!

I told you August has been a shaky month! August has also been a shaky month around the world with magnitude 6+ earthquakes in Peru, Chili, Iran, China, Micronesia and Indonesia.

Earthquakes are really pretty common. The United States averages 14,000 earthquakes of magnitude 4 or greater EVERY YEAR. That is nearly 40 earthquakes per day! Planet earth is anything but stabile; it is constantly moving and shifting every day.

But it's not only the planet lacking stability today, the people living on the planet are lacking stability: constantly moving and shifting every day! And many of them claim to have been born-again!Would you describe today's world stable or unstable?

Would you describe our country today stable or unstable?
Would you describe your life stable or unstable?

God did not send His only Son Jesus to suffer and shed His blood, so that those who put their faith in Him might live an unstable life! He sent Jesus to suffer and shed His blood that those who put their faith and trust in Him might live …

A saved life!
A sanctified life!
A secure life!
But also a stable life!

This unstable world needs some stable saints living before it giving them hope, showing them that the stable life is possible through life in Christ! Unstable saints make a poor witness to unstable sinners!

After the Holy Spirit came to stay filling the believers during Pentecost, those looking on could clearly see a difference in the followers of Jesus. After they saw the difference, they asked two questions: Acts 2.12, ''Whatever could this mean?'' That is, ''w ...

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