by Jeff Schreve

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A World Gone Wicked (1 of 7)
Series: The Days of Noah
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 6:1-8

I hold in my hands a relic from the not-to-distant past. Who knows what this is? (laughter). Huh? You guys know what this is? Have you ever seen one of these? (laughter). Just in museums, right? This is a, a vinyl record. Now this is all we had growing up. We had vinyl records. This is from Debbie's collection, ''The Best of Sonny and Cher'' (laughter). It's pretty good. It's got, ''The Beat Goes On'' and ''I Got You, Babe.'' But we had records, and that's just what you had. And you would go to the record store and you'd see what kind of records they had. And, you know, you had your turntable. And, boy, when I got out of college, I spent money to get my record player and all the stuff, you know, because you had to have that. But when I was a kid growing up, I remember my oldest brother - he's 9 years older than I was - he would tell me, ''Now, Jeff, I just got a new George Harrison record. Don't mess with it because you're liable to scratch it.'' You had to be really careful with the records because they would scratch easily. And if they scratched, then it wasn't good. It would get scratched and then it would just keep repeating itself. That's what history is like. History is like a broken phonograph record. It just keeps repeating itself.

Jesus said, ''For the coming of the Son of man will be just like the days of Noah, just as it was back in the days of Noah.'' When Jesus was talking about the future, He said, ''Hey, you know what it's going to be like, the future, guys, in Matthew 24? It's going to be just like it was back in the days of Noah.'' History is just going to repeat itself.

We're starting a new series today called ''The Days of Noah.'' And we're going to look at what the Bible says about these important days, days that were past and days that are coming, because Jesus said that the days that are coming, are going to be just like the days of Noah that have pas ...

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