by Jeff Schreve

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A Man Called Noah (2 of 7)
Series: The Days of Noah
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 6:5-14

If you have your Bible, please turn to Genesis chapter 6. We want to study today in our series on the life and times of Noah, a message I've entitled, 'A Man Called Noah.''

Now I heard about a church and they were looking for a pastor. And they were given the name of a guy, and they thought he was pretty young, and so they were a little hesitant. They brought him to interview him, the Pastor Search Committee. And they you know just checking him out began asking some questions. They said, ''Well, you, you know you're young, so how well do you know the Bible?'' The guy said, ''Well, I know it really pretty well.'' They said, ''Well, what do you think you know better, the New Testament or the Old Testament?'' He said, ''Well, really, I know most of the Bible from cover to cover.'' And they said, ''Well, which stories do you know?'' And he said, ''Really, I know quite a lot of the stories.'' They said, ''Well, can you tell us the story of the prodigal son?'' And the young preacher said, ''Well, sure.'' He said, 'There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, who went down to Jericho by night and fell upon stony ground, and the thorns choked him half to death. The next morning, Solomon and his wife, Gomorrah, came up and carried him to the Ark for Moses to take care of. But as he was going through the Eastern Gate into the Ark, he caught his hair on a limb and he hung there forty days and forty nights and afterwards he did hunger. Then the ravens came and fed him. The next day, the three wise men came and carried him down to the boat dock and he caught a ship to Nineveh. And when he got there, he found Delilah sitting on the wall. And he said, 'Throw her down, boys, throw her down.' And they said, 'How many times should we throw her down, up to seven times?' And he said, ''Nah, but seventy times seven.' And they threw her down four hundred and ninety times and she burst asunder i ...

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