by Jeff Schreve

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Man's Only Hope (3 of 7)
Series: The Days of Noah
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 6:9-22

The year was 1927, December 17th. A Navy submarine, the USS S4 was off the coast of Cape Cod, and it was accidentally struck by a Coast Guard destroyer. It caused that submarine to sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. But it wasn't in too deep a water where it was. It sunk down 110 feet. But when it got hit, the oxygen system on the submarine was damaged. There were 34 men on board. Well, the Navy quickly brought in some divers, trying to save these men who were on this submarine, but they were having difficulty. There were 6 men trapped in the torpedo room, and they began to tap on the hull in Morse code. And they tapped out four words - ''Is there any hope?'' Tragically, there wasn't, and all of those men died on that sunken submarine. But that was their question: ''Is there any hope?''

We're in a series called ''The Days of Noah.'' And we're looking at the biblical account of the days of Noah, the life of Noah, of the situations that Noah faced, of the flood, of the Ark. People wanted to know in Noah's day, ''Is there any hope?'' People want to know in our day, ''Is there any hope?'' There is hope. God is the God of hope. And even when everything gets dark and black and wicked as it was in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of man be. We are going to be facing the days of Noah, if we're not already in the beginning stages of the days of Noah, with wickedness and vice and violence just covering the earth and the earth becoming corrupt in the sight of God. That's the way it was in the days of Noah, and the Lord Jesus said, ''That's what it's going to be like when I return.'' Is there any hope? There's hope in God because God is the God of hope.

Now let's look today at Genesis chapter 6 and see what hope was there for the world that then was.

Genesis chapter 6, I'll begin reading in verse 9. It says, ''These are the records of the generations of Noah. Noa ...

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