by Jeff Schreve

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Living in the Days of Noah (7 of 7)
Series: The Days of Noah
Jeff Schreve
2 Peter 3:11-18

Some of you know one of my favorite, favorite people in the whole wide world, as far as a Christian hero, is the lady, Joni Erickson Tada. Joni Erickson is a woman in her 60s. She's been confined to a wheelchair for the last 47 years. I had the privilege of meeting her some years ago at a National Religious Broadcasters Convention. And Joni just radiates power, the grace, and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Her story: In 1967 she was, as a 17 year-old girl, went swimming in Chesapeake Bay and was involved in a terrible diving accident. She dove into some water, thinking it was deep, and it was shallow, and it broke her neck. She almost drowned, but her sister just kind of sensed something inside that says, Check and see about Joni. And so, when she did Joni was paralyzed from the shoulders down. They took her to the hospital. They did all the tests, all the work on her and everything, and they finally just concluded, hey, this isn't going to change. You are going to be paralyzed for the rest of your life from the shoulders down, a quadriplegic. Pretty hard pill to swallow.

Well, Joni didn't want to swallow that pill. What she wanted to do was die. And so, when she would ask her friends when they would come to visit her, if they would please just slash her wrists so she could bleed out and die. She said, ''I won't feel it.

You would be doing me such a favor. Please just kill me.'' And her friends wouldn't do it. She prayed to God that she would die. When she finally got in a wheelchair, she would purposely crash her wheelchair into a wall or something, hoping she could break her neck and die. And that never happened. And she said, as she began to work through her anger and her bitterness and her sorrow and her woe is me, she prayed a prayer that God answered. And this was her prayer: ''God, if I can't die, then show me how to live.'' And God did. I love that p ...

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