by Jeff Strite

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Will God Destroy The World With A Nuclear War? (4 of 4)
Series: Hard Questions
Jeff Strite
2 Peter 3:1-13

OPEN: There are a lot of people who seem to agree that the world is going to end. They just don't all agree on how it's going to happen. I visited website that reviewed several theories about how the world would end. Amongst them:

1. Some believe an Asteroid will destroy the earth. In 2028 (14 years from now), there's a huge asteroid that will come very close to hitting Earth. They don't think it will, but IF it did dust from the impact and ash from the forest fires would cloud the Earth's atmosphere for years, blocking sunlight and destroying plant life, and cause food shortages worldwide.

2. Others are convinced a worldwide Pandemic (a deadly sickness) could spread rapidly throughout the whole world and annihilate mankind. In 1918 an influenza outbreak killed more people than died in World War I, and if a deadly contagion surfaced today, it could spread even faster and infect even more people.

3. Others believe Solar Storms could destroy us. Our sun is a star and every 11 years there are storms that build up on the sun until they're unleashed in the form of electromagnetic radiation and huge balls of plasma that would shoot out from the sun. If these balls of radiation and plasma shot out in the direction of the earth, the results could be catastrophic. In 1859, a solar storm caused telegraph wires to short out in the U.S. and Europe, and in 1989, a solar storm knocked out all the power in Quebec, Canada.

4. Some believe in Global Warming. According to this theory, as critical greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere the Earth's climate will become more volatile. Temperatures will rise, food will become scarce, air quality will grow increasingly worse and diseases will spread.

5. Many believe a Nuclear War (as mentioned in the sermon title) will be the end of us all. Nuclear warheads would not only cause huge explosions, but there w ...

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