by Jerry Watts

Walking Away
Jerry Watts
Hosea 2:2-13

The story of Hosea is both a sad &, at the same time, sappy story. It is sad because of what it reveals about Gomer. It is 'sappy' because of what it reveals about Hosea - seemingly, he loved her SO much that no mountain was too high, no valley too deep, & no river too wide - that would keep him from his woman, Gomer. Think about that! Hosea love Gomer with such a laser-like love which made him willing to forgive her unfaithfulness, find her wherever she wandered, and fight for her affection & faithfulness. His love for this unfaithful woman, His desire to restore this dysfunctional marriage, and His determination to make their house a home serves as a reminder of what God has in mind for the family. But there are larger issues we learn from this story.

Hosea teaches about how much Jehovah God loves us. His love for us is undying, unending, & unbelievable. We learn lessons from this story. Sometimes these lessons are painful, but they are still in God's word for us. God is represented by Hosea, who so deeply loved His wife. God's people, us, are represented by the unfaithful Gomer, who said, ''I do'' - but seemed to mean, ''I will when I want to.'' While not a complimentary view of us, we discover divine lessons.

This chapter opens with Gomer packing her bags & going back to her old life. She has had enough of Hosea's religious life and longs to go where 'The action is.' Many people today are walking away from God. Some say, ''I'm not walking away from God, I just don't believe in the church anymore.'' That is like saying to your best friend, ''I love you - BUT that spouse of yours - I'll not hang out with anymore.'' How long would your best friend forever be your best friend - not long!

Gomer's actions in our text give us a crystal clear motion picture which sheds light on the person who chooses to walk away from God. Consider a few thoughts in our story & see how they apply.

Her Desertion - (Read Verse 2.) ...

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