by Rex Yancey

Rex Yancey
Psalm 147:1-4

I have a few scars on me from past experiences. I have one on my left pointer finger that saved my life. I was stuck to an electric fence and my sister pulled me off of it. I have scars on three of my fingers on my right hand where I almost cut them off. I have scars on my leg from burns I received when I was a child. I remember where I was when all these accidents occurred. They were indelible experiences in my life.

But I also have some scars that are invisible. I am sure that you have some of these scars, as well. These scars can make us feel bad about ourselves and keep us from attempting great things for God.

How many of you like rejection? How many of you have experienced rejection? Rejections begin early in life and leave emotional wounds. Physical wounds heal quicker than emotional or psychological wounds. God is interested in healing the whole person. We are body, soul, and mind.

Have you ever felt like you were an outcast? There were outcasts in the Bible. They were lepers, women, Gentiles, and tax collectors.

I can remember choosing sides in a pick-up baseball game. I did not want to be the last one picked.

One plastic surgeon worked on people who were disfigured because of some accident. He could make them look much better. However, he followed them for a period of years, and many of slipped back into depression. They were healed on the outside but they were never healed on the inside. He came to the conclusion that the emotional scars have to be healed was well as the physical scars.

Only Jesus can heal the scars you cannot see. What scars your confidence? What causes you to have a self-image problem? We face rejection by parents, peers and partners. Rejection is painful.

Isaiah 53 tells us ''He was despised and rejected by men.'' He was rejected by his race, his religion, and his family.

We can experience physical, emotional, social, and verbal rejection. We may have said on the playground, ' ...

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