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How Did Jesus Minister (5 of 5)
Series: Meeting Jesus
Jeff Strite
Matthew 11:1-6

OPEN: In a California city, a woman rushed into a store, glanced around and took a number. Then she heard the clerk call out ''87,'' and she looked down and saw her own number was 8.
She was understandably puzzled, because there were only 3 other people in the store. So she went to the counter and, holding up her ticket, said, ''Miss, I have number 8. Can you tell me how many people are ahead of me in line?''
The saleswoman looked at her. ''Honey, that number has nothing to do with your place in line… that number is from the calendar over there you just tore a page off of.''

APPLY: Now I can understand how that woman could have made a mistake. She was in a hurry. The number ''looked'' like one that a store might use to indicate her place in line. And so, she took the wrong number off the wall and she made an embarrassing mistake.

I. Churches can end up doing things like that too.
Sometimes churches get in a hurry. They get in a hurry to be successful. They get in a hurry to be significant. And because they get in a hurry, they can end up ''taking the wrong number off the wall.''

Let me illustrate what I mean here

ILLUS: I once read the true story a preacher related about his visit to a large city church. That congregation had just received a gift of $150,000 for a new organ from a corporate millionaire. There was an organ dedication that Sunday, and the donor was recognized with speeches, people patting him on the back, and there was a plaque of appreciation.

Meanwhile, in the same church, an elderly woman living on Social Security has been faithfully giving her small weekly gift in the offering plate. She has carefully managed her resources and is able to make ends meet, but it is tough. Each week she has gladly set aside her tithe for the church. She has never been honored for her giving; she has never received a plaque of appreciation.

Tell me: Which p ...

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