by Jeff Strite

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Is There Anyone Here Who Thinks He Can Whip Both Of Us (5 of 5)
Series: Meeting God On The Mountain
Jeff Strite
Exodus 20:33:1-23

OPEN: A couple of years ago I read a true story about a young man who had just entered into boot camp.
On the 1st morning, the unit was dragged out of bed by the drill sergeant and made to assemble outside. As is often the case in boot camp, the drill sergeant's first objective is to instill fear in the recruits, so (true to form) this sergeant stood in front of the line of soldiers and snarled at them:
''My names' Sergeant Jackson. Is there anyone here thinks he can whip me?''
And believe it or not someone raised his hand!!!
The Sergeant walked right over to the 6 foot 3 inch, 280 pound private, looked him dead in the eye and with all the malice he could muster repeated ''So you think you can whip me, soldier?''
''Yes, sir. I do,'' the private replied.
The sergeant grabbed him by the arm and led him out in front of the group. ''Men,'' he said, ''this is my new assistant Now, is there anyone here who thinks he can whip both of us?''

APPLY: One of the major lessons we learn from Scripture is that God is the biggest and most powerful being in the universe, and with Him standing by our side, there is no one who can ever ''whip us.''

That's what Israel had learned over the 3 months they had spent in God's presence.
For 3 months, they had followed God as He led them out of slavery and through the Red Sea. They'd followed His pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night as He'd led them to here to Mt. Sinai. And there at the Mt. they'd seen His power and majesty as He'd come down with fire, lightning and earth shaking beneath their feet.

And at the Mountain - God asked His people to make a decision.
He'd already shown His power and majesty with all the miracle He'd already done.
And at the same time He had shown His love and protection for them as a people but now, it was decision time.
* Did they want Him ...

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