by Jerry Watts

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Discover or Rediscover - God's Word (1 of 6)
Series: Back to the Basics
Jerry Watts
Romans 1:19-20, 2 Timothy 3:16

Vince Lombardi was one of the great football coaches of all times. He is known to have begun most, if not all, seasons with the Packers by holding up a football for all to see and say, ''Gentlemen, this is a football.'' Remember he was speaking to 'professional football players, men half his age, and twice his size' - they were already proficient in the game, but his desire was for them to not become so sophisticated with their talents that they became sorry in their delivery. Bear Bryant said, ''If you get away from the basics, you will always run into trouble. And when you do (run into trouble), you must go back to the basics.'' Great words from two men who are recognized as being the best in the business of coaching.

It is in the spirit of these two men and more importantly, with the mandate of our Lord Jesus that I offer, 'THIS IS A BIBLE!' Within the pages of this book you discover God's word to mankind, in other words, ''God's word to you, to me, to this church, and to our culture.'' This book is more than just 'stories from the past', it is more than just a 'book the preacher spends 30 minutes or more talking about before we head off to Sunday lunch and forget about it', and it is more than just a book that promotes good ideas. One of THE MOST BASIC TRUTHS we must discover or rediscover is that this book is GOD'S WORD to us. Consider that description: God's Word.

Begin with God, because if you do you can go back to the beginning of time (Gen 1:1, John 1:1). One of the very basics we miss is ''GOD.'' We miss the magnitude, the wonder, the splendor, and the glory of who and even 'what' God is. When we miss who He is then, by human nature, we miss the importance of what He has to say. We listen dependent on who it is that is speaking.

Have you ever contemplated 'Who God is?' He is creator. This truth seems to pass us ...

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