by Jerry Watts

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Discover or Rediscover - Prayer (2 of 6)
Series: Back to the Basics
Jerry Watts
Acts 4:23-31

We could and should learn a lesson from these First Century followers of Christ. No matter what came their way, they were like a computer who had their default set to ''prayer.'' For those who may not know or realize, when you get a new computer there is a setup procedure to customize your computer to your own personal likes and dislikes. For instance, what internet browser will you generally use (I.E. IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Yahoo, or etc), it is your choice? Or what do you want to see when the computer turns on? Or maybe what word processor you'll use? The point is that you tell the computer your first choice and that becomes your default.

In life and in church life, we have 'set defaults'. When something which we perceive as good or as bad comes our way, we have a default setting of how we will respond. You don't believe it, ask your mate. If good comes perhaps we jump for joy - or for the more reserved, you simply say, ''That's really good'', while when the bad comes some might exhibit anger (and if we are honest, release a foul word). Others, whether good or bad come - they have a very reserved to the point of being skeptical response. Nothing is good enough - and most 'silver lining' has a cloud. In other words their default setting is to look into the good and find the bad. Default.

Back to computers (certainly this applies to life), from time to time, we need to reset our defaults. At time the code in a computer gets messed up or changed by an invading program - so we have to reset our defaults to what they need to be and what we want them to be.

The lesson we need to grasp tonight is to take a look at one default setting in our personal life and our church life. When good and bad come our way, what is our first response, our default?

In the New Testament, more to the point, in the aftermath of the coming of the Holy Spirit in A ...

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