by Jerry Watts

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Uncover - Worship and Evangelism (3 of 6)
Series: Back to the Basics
Jerry Watts
John 4:23-24 / Matthew 28:16-20 / Isaiah 6:1-12

Last week, we began with the very basics of ''Gentlemen, this is a football.'' As a former player I can offer that one of the most 'fun' things a defensive football player can do is to get the ball back from the opposing team without allowing them to score. A pass interception is exciting but for the player to cause and recover a fumble at a critical time can be electrifying. Every player knows that, when the ball is loose, it is 'anybody's ball' to even 'take away' under the pile. To come up out of that pile with the ball in your possession can change the course of a game. The fans are yelling, the players are slapping you on the back, you get the chest jump, and the coach, while applauding your play, is trying to figure out THE PERFECT play to capitalize on this turn of events!

We also began with ''Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a Bible'' and we spent over 40 minutes talking about this being God's word. To remind you we said it is more than just a collection of stories, it is more than a book to give your Sunday school teacher and preacher material to talk, and it is more than lessons for life; the Bible is God's road map for us to be reconciled and restored to Him. Because of WHO JEHOVAH GOD is and that the BIBLE is HIS WORD, it stands to reason that it is vital we read it, know it, apply it, and live it. Today, my heart's desire is to uncover for us a basic truth which, I believe, has not clearly been taught so it is not been learned and the outcome we are enduring is a weak substitute for what God desires. We're talking about the connection of AUTHENTIC WORSHIP and BIBLICAL EVANGELISM. Most people don't realize this connection.

There are two truths to embrace at the outset; many people don't grasp this thing of Biblical (Authentic) Worship and fewer grasp the truth of Biblical Evangelism.

As long as we are on ...

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