by Jerry Watts

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Recover - Biblical Church (6 of 6)
Series: Back to the Basics
Jerry Watts
Matthew 16:18-19 / Acts 2

As I began our last message, I quoted the words of Jesus we have just read. Jesus came to this earth preaching repentance and about the Kingdom of God. He came with His eye on the desired outcome of people being saved from their lostness and being made right with Father God. In this process He said, ''I will build my church'' and from these words He went about the countryside touching people, reaching people, and bringing people to faith. After His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension to Heaven, like He said He would do, He sent the Holy Spirit to fill the hearts of those who had been saved and literally ESTABLISH His church on earth.

The picture of the first church in Jerusalem is stirring. I can sit down and read Acts 2 over and over again because it is a picture of God's intent. People will say, ''It can't always be that way.'' I would say, ''You're right, it can't, because we humans seem to get in the way.'' Candidly, reading the book of Acts is such enlightenment and encouragement about the growth, maturity, and focus of the church. One of the first letters (if not the first) that Paul wrote was to the Church which I call the ''Model Church'', it is the church at Thessalonica. Although they were confused about the 2nd coming of Christ - they had many things 'right'. C.I. Scofield termed them the ''Model Church.''

One of my goals, as a pastor, is to lead us to be or become a New Testament church. Many people say, ''We are a New Testament church because we believe, study, read, and emulate what is said in the New Testament.'' However, how do we truly stack up to that first church in Jerusalem?

We all realize that the modern day church, in large measure is in trouble and in trouble on many fronts. Attendance, commitment, influence, and money, are the tip and don't address the deeper issues.

I read the remarks of one Christi ...

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