by Jerry Watts

What's Going On
Jerry Watts
Galatians 6:7-10

''What's going on'' is a familiar question we ask in many different situations. If we walk into a room or situation with which we are unfamiliar, we might say, ''What's going on?'' If we walk into a place with which we ARE familiar but something seems out of kilter, we may once again, ask ''What's going on?'' However on a larger scale, we can look around at a country with seems to imploding, a culture which seems to be disintegrating, and churches which seems to be disappearing and, if we have any sensitivity about us we ask that same question.

Today, Father's day, is the perfect time to take a Biblical look at this question so that we might find a Biblical answer to this question.

Week before last when I was on the road a great deal, I had the opportunity to listen to some messages (sermons) on the radio. One of the great preachers of our era, certainly one of my favorites is none other than Dr. Adrian Rogers whose ministry is continuing through his ''Love Worth Finding'' radio ministry. So when I found him on the radio, I listened up.

He was preaching on the home and was making the point about the foundations of our culture, family, marriage, and the like. He turned our attention Genesis 1:27 and read the text which says, ''God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.'' He went on to tell us, in simple terms, that this is the most foundational of God's design and that male and females have specific role to plan in created. He exhorted men to not be ashamed of nor ever put aside his masculinity and told women to never lose their femininity. Both of the God-given qualities are needed if the world is to be what it should be. He went on to say that ''Unisex'' is an idea born in hell.

By the way, Dr. Rogers went on to speak about us ''training (not teaching, but training) our children in the matters of life, marriage, and more.'' He s ...

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