by Benny Perez

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There Is Power (1 of 3)
Series: Simple Christianity
Benny Perez
Acts 3:1-13, 16

Today I am beginning a New Series Simple Christianity. I am doing this to not only instruct new followers of Jesus but to refresh those of us who have been following Jesus for many years. Too many times we forget the Simplicity of the Gospel and begin to add things that are simply not there.

We are prone to complicate things rather than simplify things. Life is not meant to be so complicated but rather to be simple in what one needs to know. Yet we seem to gravitate towards complexity because it makes one look maybe smarter.

Jesus when talking to His disciples said that we need to become like little children if we are to inherit the Kingdom of God. Children by nature do not complicate things but rather take a simpler approach to life.

Children are not bogged down with worry, debt, complex relationships. I have never had my kids come to me and tell me ''Dad this relationship with my friends is complicated.'' No we many times make things complicated.

So here we go: There is Power

Background: The disciples have been given Power by the Holy Spirit. They came out of the upper room and down to the people. Peter preaches and 3,000 people are saved. This group of Jesus Followers now become a movement based on the Simple Not the Complicated.

Jesus=Simple Religion=Complicated There is Power In Jesus

Text: Acts 3:1-13, 16 NLT

I. God's Power Flows In The Pathway Of Prayer

A. The early church was a praying church

1. Peter and John were going to the time of prayer.

2. The custom was to go to prayer at 9, 12 and 3 pm

B. They were going one afternoon.

1. It looks like a normal day.

2. It was one afternoon.

C. Notice the word They

1. These early followers lived a life of community.

2. They understood the power of community.

3. There is power in agreement. If any 2 or 3 agree on touching

D. God allows praying people ...

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