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Prayer (2 of 3)
Series: Simple Christianity Pt. 4
Benny Perez
Luke 11:1-4

We are prone to complicate things rather than simplify things. Life is not meant to be so complicated but rather to be simple in what one needs to know. Yet we seem to gravitate towards complexity because it makes one look maybe smarter.

Jesus when talking to His disciples said that we need to become like little children if we are to inherit the Kingdom of God. Children by nature do not complicate things but rather take a simpler approach to life.

Children are not bogged down with worry, debt, complex relationships. I have never had my kids come to me and tell me ''Dad this relationship with my friends is complicated.'' No we many times make things complicated.

So here we go: Luke 11:1-4 NKJV

Background: The disciples have seen Jesus raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons, teach with Revelation not with just mere thoughts or words. Now they can ask Him to teach them anything and they ask Jesus to teach them to Pray.

Prayer is stopping from earthly activity to engage in Heavenly activity. Prayer is communication with God.

I. You Are Praying To Your Heavenly Father v.2

A. When You Pray

1. Jesus is not saying If but when.

2. Jesus is telling us that part of being a follower is being in prayer.

3. Prayer is our life line and shows we are needing God.

B. You have a Heavenly Father

1. Jesus came to show us that we have a Father in Heaven.

2. He is God to the World but He is Father to His Followers.
Key Pt: True Prayer is based on Sonship not Friendship

C. A Father responsibility

1. Give, Guide, Guard and Govern

2. Jesus taught that we have a Good Heavenly Father who gives good gifts to
Those that ask Him.

3. The Bible teaches that our Father will guide us with His Word, Guard us with
His Power and Govern, discipline us, train us for our good.

Key Pt: Matthew 7:7-9. Good gifts are given in the c ...

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