by Jeff Schreve

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Facing Death's Valley (4 of 6)
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Jeff Schreve
Psalm 23

In October of 2004, almost two years ago, my wife went into the hospital for a surgery. She needed to have a hysterectomy. We thought it would be pretty routine, but you know it's not always like that. And there can be complications. And then, with her, there were complications. And her bladder got damaged in the surgery, and there was a hole there in her bladder. And so she came out of surgery and she had to have a catheter. And they told us that it would probably just be about two weeks and then her bladder would heal. So we went back to the doctor two weeks. Bladder hadn't healed. So he said, ''Another two weeks.'' And so we went two weeks later. Bladder hadn't healed. He said, ''It doesn't look like your bladder's going to heal, Debbie. And it looks like you're going to have more surgery.'' Well, Debbie had done well with the first setback, ''Your bladder is torn.'' With the two week delay, ''It's going to be two more weeks.'' But when he told her that, ''You're going to have to have another surgery,'' that was really difficult for her. We went to Dallas to a specialist, and he talked to Debbie and to me, and he just talked about the surgery that she was going to have to have and how she would have two catheters for a while, and it would be several months before she would get better after all that he was going to have to do. And we drove back from

Dallas, and my wife went into a deep, dark valley. It was depressing, and it was scary, and it was full of disappointment, and it was really, really tough.

Have you ever been there in the valley of the shadow of death in a deep, dark valley? David, who wrote Psalm 23, knew what it was like to be in a deep, dark valley. He spent a lot of time in his life facing the valley of the shadow of death. He had a time in his life where Saul the king was trying to kill him. And David said this to Jonathan: ''There's hardly a step be ...

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