by Jeff Schreve

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Welcome To The Feast (5 of 6)
Series: Satisfaction Guaranteed
Jeff Schreve
Psalm 23:5

My wife is very health-conscious. She's a very good cook, and she always provides for myself and our girls balanced meals. She always likes to have a green vegetable and a salad and a yellow vegetable, or something like that, you know, and then a meat. And she's just very conscious about that. And when she hears about something that would be good for us, she tells me about it and then we have to try it. A few years ago, she found out from somebody about a product called Barley Green (laughter). It's made from barley leaves. It's touted as being the most nutritious whole food supplement on the market. We bought it as a powder. You had to mix it with water. It was like drinking dirt (laughter). It was the worst tasting stuff on the planet. They didn't put that on the packaging, you know. And so she'd say, ''this is really good for you.'' So I'd have this spoon of barley green, mix it up, and hold my nose. And all the time I was drinking it, I was saying, „You know, this is really good for me. This is really good for me.'' I couldn't take it very long. I was just like, ''I don't care. Maybe I'm just going to die young. I just can't take the barley green. It's horrible stuff!''

Now, did you know, when it comes to God, lots of people in our world and in America, in our own city, they view God like barley green? I mean, they say, ''you know, God is good for you. God is something that you need that will really help you, but

I sure don't like the way He tastes. I don't like the taste of His will and the taste of His ways.'' God is like barley green. Did you know that one of the devil's chief tools is to get you and me to think negatively about God; to see God with dark glasses and to see Him in a negative viewpoint? In a negative light, and say, ''Well, you know, there's, God, yeah, He's good, but....'' The devil really works hard at that. You know he works hard at it because ...

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