by Jeff Schreve

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Saving The Best For Last (6 of 6)
Series: Satisfaction Guaranteed
Jeff Schreve
Psalm 23:6

I don't speak the language of gifts. That's just not my thing. I like to get gifts, but I don't think in terms of gifts. And so just like in any relationship, you know, you have love languages. And, normally, the husband speaks one language and the wife speaks a different language, so you really have to work. Well, I have to work at being a good gift giver, and Debbie has taught me about giving gifts. You know, you always give gifts at the appropriate time - birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas - but then, you give gifts also. She calls them NSR gifts - for No Special Reason. I gave her two yesterday. I was just because I was way behind, so I had too.

And I remember one Christmas where I did so well with Debbie. I mean I kept telling her that we were going to have a big Christmas. We were going to have a big Christmas. I told the kids, I said, ''This year it's going to be big Christmas. We're going to get good gifts and it'll be really fun.'' And so I went, and I got Debbie a few little things. You know, you always get at Christmastime at least the way we do it, you get some little gifts. They're nice, but they're just kind of little, inexpensive gifts and then, you get, normally, a big gift. Well, I got Debbie some little gifts and then, I got her a really nice gift. It was an amethyst ring. And then, I got her another gift. It was her mother's wedding ring redone in a different setting and, and diamonds from this ring put

in that ring. And I had a jeweler friend of mine, he did it, and he did such a great job. And so I gave her the little gifts at Christmas. You know, it's always, ''Well, you open this little one. You open that little one, '' you know, and we kind of go around. And Jill, Amy, and Sarah are opening. Then Debbie opens. And I open. Well, we got down to the big gifts toward the end, and I gave Debbie that first big gift, the amethyst rin ...

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