FEAR (2 OF 4)

by Benny Perez

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Fear (2 of 4)
Series: Toxic Emotions
Benny Perez
2 Kings 6: 8-18

We are starting a new series entitled Toxic Emotions. We must understand that emotions are not the problem but Toxic Emotions are the problem In fact God created us with the ability to experience all types of emotions. We are a triune being: Body, Soul and Spirit.
We have a physical body and a soul: mind, will and emotions and our Spirit man.

The challenge is not to be ruled by emotions but for us to rule our emotions. According to the dictionary emotions are ''a complex, usually strong subjective response…involving
physiological changes as a preparation for action.''

The problem is that many people allow their emotions to become toxic. They allow their emotions to remain unchecked and unchallenged and toxicity begins to develop. They have too much of something in their system which leads them to becoming toxic.

America is at a cross roads when it come to Toxic Emotions. People are being overloaded and don't know how to relate, release, regroup and reload after each day. Too many people even in this church are on the verge of becoming toxic.

Fear is something that many people struggle.

America is a nation that is filled with fearful people.


Fear - Gr. - Phobos means flight, fear, terror, dread.
Heb. - Pachad means to be startled, to tremble, to stand in awe, to revere

A. A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain etc.

B. A heightened state of perceived danger.

2. Fear and Worry are cousins.

Worry is characterized by ''What if ...?'' thinking.
• What if ... I disappoint someone?
• What if ... my spouse leaves me?
• What if ... my boss lets me go?
• What if ... (Fill in the blank)?

Worry pulls your focus away from the present, fixates on the future and says, ''What if it happens someday, maybe?''
Fear sees the present danger and says, ''It is happening, now!''
The Causes of Fear
1. F ...

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