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Relationships: What Are They? (1 of 5)
Series: Relation Tips
Benny Perez
Genesis 2:18 - 22

Today I am beginning a New Series on Relation Tips. I am going to cover in the next 5 weeks how to build healthy relationships. This is going to be Revolutionary Series covering something all of us deal with: People.

You cannot live in this world without dealing with people. In fact the better you get at dealing with and helping people the better your relationships will be which will make your life better.

Remember you were created to be in Relationship with God and others.

The Power of Relationships:

1) From the beginning of time we see God putting people into relationships.
2) The institution of marriage: Husband and Wife.
3) The institution of family: Kids relating to parents.
4) The institution of friendship: Being connected to others through a common interest.
5) The institution of the local church: Being in relationships to other believers.
6) The institution of Groups and Gatherings: Connecting people to each other and to God.

So let us begin our Series with REALationships.

Text: Genesis 2:18 - 22

I. God's Original Intent Is For Relationships Genesis 2:18 22

A. God created Man for Fellowship.

1. Not good for Man to be alone.

2. We were not created to me loners.

B. God brings people into your life

1. He brought Eve into Adams life.

2. He will bring family, friends into your life.

Key Pt: Adam who was walking and talking with God needed someone and so do

Not all are called to Marry but all are called to be in Relationship with God
And others.
II. Why Be In Relationships? Eccl. 4:9 - 12

A. There is Power in Relationships v. 9

1. 2 are better than one.

2. You were created to be with others.


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