by Benny Perez

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Love Is A Battle Field (2 of 5)
Series: Relation Tips
Benny Perez
James 4:1 - 10

The Power of Relationships:

1) From the beginning of time we see God putting people into relationships.
2) The institution of marriage: Husband and Wife.
3) The institution of family: Kids relating to parents.
4) The institution of friendship: Being connected to others through a common interest.
5) The institution of the local church: Being in relationships to other believers.
6) The institution of Groups and Gatherings: Connecting people to each other and to God.

Text: James 4:1 - 10

I. Where is the strife/conflict come from?

A. The question is asked ''What is causing the quarrels and fights among you?''

1. He is asking them a rhetorical question to get the person to think!

2. Oh we just sometimes need to stop and think why things are happening.

3. There is tremendous conflict happening in the lives of these Christ Followers.

Key Pt: Strife and conflict is a sign that something is not right. Many times you have
To go through strife and conflict to arrive at peace.

Some people have adopted strife and conflict as a lifestyle and don't realize
That it is not normal to continually live this way.

B. The source of the strife is found v. 1

1. Within you and me. Being Self Centered

2. Desires - Greek word hedonais - making pleasure the source of man's
Quest. It is all about me and what makes me feel good.
Key Pt: It is when we try and get our needs met apart from God. We
Now begin to act like and become our own God.

C. Notice the 2 main points v. 2

1. You want what you don't have

* So you scheme and kill to get it

2. You are jealous of what someone has and you cannot get it

* So you fight and wage war to take it away from them.

Key Pt: Again it is all focused on you getting what you want your way! It is
Living a life that is self absorbed and self consumed.

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