by Eddie Snipes

The Glory Of Your Weakness
Eddie Snipes
1 Peter 4:8

When is the last time you felt discouraged or defeated in your Christian life? Everyone experiences defeat, but the Bible presents a benefit for your failures that most Christians are completely unaware of.

The average Christian blows it in some way, and they feel the perception of God's anger. They feel the perception of their guilt. They promise God their best, make oaths never to act out in certain ways, and try to cover their shame with good works. Do you know what? Your good works can NEVER cover your sins. It can never take away your shame, failure, or guilt. There is only one thing that can cover your sins. 1 Peter 4:8
And above all things have fervent love for one another, for ''love will cover a multitude of sins.''

That word 'love' is the Greek word 'agape'. Agape is the love of God - it is never the love of mankind. We can produce philia love - or friendship love - but only God is the author of agape love. The principle here is that we are to be fervent in our expression of agape love. Love that we have first received from God. The Bible says that the agape love of God is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Agape is the gift of God's love, invested into each person who is born into faith through Christ.

God's agape love covered all our sins; therefore, we are to be fervent to take the agape poured into our heart, and extend it toward others in the faith. Just as agape covered our sins; if we are fervent in expressing agape toward each other, their sins will become irrelevant to you. Why do churches fight and Christians become divided? If there is war within the church, agape is being suppressed. If you are expressing agape toward another and building your relationship upon the knowledge of agape that unites you, division becomes impossible.

A few years ago, conflict began to emerge in a group of believers I was part of. One individual had a difficult personality, and it rubbe ...

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