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One Life, One Lord (3 of 9)
Series: One: A Journey Through Philippians
Benny Perez
Philippians 1:20-30

I am beginning our new series ''One'' a journey through Philippians. I believe this series is going to help us to know Jesus more intimately but also to understand the principle of one. You see one is a powerful number. It represents unity, agreement and power. I believe that Jesus is looking for us to move as one. He even prayed that we would become One in John 15 and that we would understand that we are One with Him.

We will see the concept of One Spirit and Purpose (1:26-28), One Love (2:1-11, One Desire (2:12-18), One Knowledge (3:1-10), One Thing (3:11-21), One Mindset (4:4-7) and One Thing (4:8).


Paul is most likely writing this letter around AD. 61 from his first imprisonment to the church in Philippi. Paul established the church around 10 years before and is now writing to thank them for their support. He also is asking them to stay in unity and to stay true to the one Gospel.

The Church

It was a church made up of a diversity of people. We find the founding of the church in Acts 16 and we see Lydia, the jailer, the slave girl as well as other Gentile believers. Their hearts were united as one with their love for Christ and for each other.

Text: 1:20-30

I. Living For Christ v. 20 - 21

A. Living Bold

1. Not being ashamed

2. Not changing how I live depending on who I am with.

B. Living Honorably v. 20

1. My life is about Honoring Christ

2. Our actions reflect Jesus and living for him.
Key Pt: Paul sums up it up when he says ''For me to live is Christ and to die
Is gain''.

I live as an ambassador, a person of love and hope to a world needing

II. Living With 2 Desires v. 22-26

A. Living for Jesus v. 22

1. Paul says his whole life is about radically being used by Jesus.

2. If he lives he can be more fruitful for Jesus.

Key Pt: Life is abou ...

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