by Stephen Whitney

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Achan: Consequences of Sin (1 of 5)
Series: Lessons from the Lives of OT Characters
Stephen Whitney
Joshua 7:2-25

The 37 year old man was a small-time crook, the kind who would mug little old ladies for the cash in their purses. But on Sunday,
July 21, 1996, he robbed the wrong old lady. He bumped into 94 year old woman in Greenwich Village and snatched her wallet.
The NYPD later picked him up, and as they drove him to the station, police lieutenant Robert McKenna told the suspect,
''You just robbed the mother of the biggest mob chieftain in
New York.''

The 94 year old woman was Yolanda Gigante, and her son was Vincent Gigante, described by authorities as head of the Genovese mob, the nation's most powerful Mafia family. The lieutenant later said, ''When perp heard that, he just slumped down into the backseat of the radio car. He had a sort of stunned, resigned look on his face, sort of saying, '''How could I be so stupid?''

Sin always has consequences. When we sin, we get ourselves into more trouble than we bargained for. Sometimes it is with the law,
other times with our family, other times with our friends, but every time with God because we have broken his law and now stand guilty before him. We never just get away with sin cleanly.

Chuck Swindoll wrote, ''Sin grieves the heart of God, does great damage to the sinner and almost without exception affects others.''


Ai, which means ''ruins,'' was 12 miles west of Jericho. It must not have been an impressive town because it was probably built on the ruins of a town before it. Because the city was smaller than Jericho the advice of the spies was to only send 3,000 men to take the city.

The men of Ai came out and fought against the Israelites so that they turned and fled. The result was that 36 Israelites were killed
and the people were disheartened as a result of the defeat as they now experienced their first defeat.


Joshua and the ...

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