by Duane Bemis

Spiritual Revival
Every revival starts within one human heart…
Duane Bemis
Matthew 5:10-11

I am asked about Spiritual Revivals all the time, but the short answer to true revival comes from my own life's story.

According to Charles H. Surgeon revival means, ''To live again, to receive again life which has almost expired; to rekindle into a flame the vital spark which was nearly extinguished.1''

In my own life I had been a Christian for about 10 years, I found myself at a place where a church of 700 members turned on me because of a false witness. No one came to me to ask any of their personal questions, they so wanted to believe the lie. On top of this, the Lord would not allow me to defend myself I had to allow Him to be my high tower and my everlasting hope.

I needed personal revival for my fire, my passion; my love for ministry was nearly extinguished by religion. Religion and denominational issues so entrapped my wounded soul and nearly quenched my one time burning ablaze of a fire. I was reduced, by the ugliness of life, to a mere spark. There was not even a hint of glowing ambers within the walls of my heart.

I knew that God was not the problem and I knew He held the answer. I had been thrown into a deep dark pit and I needed help to find the Light. The pit was so deep, hence started my inner search for personal revival and my search for Biblical truth. In essence I drew a circle on the bedroom floor and waited for the Lord of Host. I needed a personal touch from the Master. I needed to wait for Him to come my way so I could reach up and touch the hem of His garment. I knew I was a child of the King but they threw me into the dungeon of life. I knew I had been crucified with Christ but this new form of suffering and persecution just did not sit well with my spirit. Oh, I had been victimized by unbelievers but never by those who should know better. Unbelievers and their discrimination was no problem I knew how to stand with Christ. But h ...

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