by Jeff Strite

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How Does An Elder Eld? (2 of 4)
Series: Making The Church Go
Jeff Strite
Titus 1:5-11

OPEN: In one medical school, the students were complaining that they didn't see why a class in Physics was necessary for them to be doctors. Finally one student actually challenged the teacher with that question.
The teacher thought about that for a moment and then said ''Well, we study Physics because it will help save lives.''
''Save lives?'' Someone said ''How could a class in Physics possibly save lives?''
The teacher smiled and replied ''It saves lives because it keeps ignorant people from becoming doctors.''

APPLY: In every field of endeavor there are certain qualifications workers need to meet.
* Doctors need to know about diseases, and about how the human body works.
* Electricians need to understand the properties of electrical current and know how wire homes/businesses
* Auto Mechanics need to have a working knowledge of most makes of cars and how their engines work.
These are the kinds of information and skills these people need to do their job right.

When a business needs to hire new workers they'll often post a help wanted ad - and the ad will tell what requirements necessary for someone to be hired for that job.

Here in Titus chapter 1 (and also in I Timothy 3) God has posted a help wanted ad. God wants good Elders to look after His church… and so He tells us what He expects of these men. According to Paul's instructions to Titus, these are the qualifications for a good Elder:

· He's a good husband
· He's a good father
· He's not someone who has to have his own way (not overbearing)
· He's doesn't get angry easily
· He's not a drinker
· He's a honest, gentle man who likes helping people out
· It's obvious he takes his faith seriously and works at living a holy/disciplined life
· He knows the Bible well enough so that he can use Scripture to encourage believers and oppose heresy
· He must have a strong enough character to stand ...

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