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Our House - Servant Leaders (3 of 6)
Series: Our House
Benny Perez
Luke 7:36-50

Today we are continuing our Series Our House. We will be talking about a few of the core values of Our Church House. Every House has a Culture, what is acceptable and not acceptable in the house.

Today I want to begin in talking about Our House - Serving

Text: Luke 7:36-50

I. Jesus At Dinner

A. Pharisee invited Jesus to His House

1. Pharisee was a keeper of the law.

2. He would be considered a righteous man by society.

Key Pt: Dinner parties would be open for all to see. It would be in a setting where the
Guests would be reclining at a long table. They would be laying down with
Their feet behind them facing each other at the table.

B. Immoral woman

1. She was not an invited guest.

2. She came and began to pour out love and serve Jesus

* She wept
* She wiped Jesus feet with her tears and hair.
* She kissed his feet
* She put very expensive perfume on his feet.

This is a scandalous scene. What is happening. Remember we are told that she
Is Immoral! Why would she be doing such a thing.
Why would she be serving Jesus in such an extravagant way?

If Jesus knew what kind of a woman this was, he would not allow her to touch
Him. She is a sinner!

II. Jesus Details Her Actions

A. A Man Loaned 2 people money.

1. One was 50 and the 500. Neither one could pay.

2. The man forgave them both and canceled their debt.

B. Jesus asks an important question

1. Who do you think loves more AFTER The Man actions.

2. In other words Who Has The Greatest Response To What Has Been done?

C. Jesus Contrasts the Woman and the Pharisee

1. You sat and listened while she is up serving.

2. You were content to hear me but she not only heard but responded with serving

3. She is extravagant with her gratitude and love while you sit and surmise.

What is the difference? Recognizing and Responding to wh ...

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