by Benny Perez

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The More Mentality (1 of 4)
Series: More
Benny Perez
Mark 6:1-6

Today we begin a New Series for the New Year: More. I believe that this Year is a Year of More. That Jesus is More than enough for you and for me. That He is going to give you More Grace, Peace, Power and Purpose. More starts and ends with Jesus. He is More Than Enough For You.

Today I want to begin with The More Mentality

Text: Mark 6:1-6

Jesus has just finished doing the miraculous. He delivered a demoniac, healed a women and raised the dead. Jesus comes to his own home town. The way they viewed Jesus actually hindered what God wanted to do.

I. Mentality About Jesus Is Important

A. Jesus Comes Home

1. He teaches in the synagogue.

2. He blows them away.

B. Jesus is recognized

1. By His wisdom

2. By His works.

3. They asked where did he get such wisdom and the power to do these miracles.

Key Pt: Jesus is simply amazing. Jesus is wisdom and power. You don't have to look
for power you have received power in Jesus. Jesus is God, he did not get it
from any place. He possesses it!

C. The Home Town People's response

1. He is linked to being a carpenter, and the son of Mary.

2. They made Jesus to be like everybody else.

Key Pt: They made Jesus to be just like them. It was the sin of familiarity. Looking
At the sacred as common.

II. Menial Mentality Menial Outcome.

A. Jesus declares that a prophet is without honor…

1. Jesus was looked at as common.

2. Jesus was looked at with a less mentality not a More Mentality.

3. Jesus could not do many miracle because of their unbelief.

Key Pt: Their Menial Mentality toward Jesus actually stopped Jesus from
Working in the More L ...

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